- News 20.3.2017 -
We have removed all purchasable tracks from FREE version of the game!!

For those who have purchased tracks earlier, we would like you to contact us so we can arrange FULL version for you for free. Contact via email with order number.

Also we would like to reward some of the fastest laptimers and those who have earned the earlier purchasable tracks by earning game coins. For this we would like for you to send us a screenshot about your personal Hall of Fame.

Our email: namelessdevgroup(at)

- News 18.2.2017 -
FULL version of the game is out at Google Play Store!!

Click here for Super Slide Racer FULL

It includes 26 tracks at the moment and more will come in the future.

Might update the free version of the game and remove ads and
possibility to purchase tracks because it seems to be pretty pointless.

If you have purchased few tracks, let us know so we can arrange
this new FULL version for you.

- News 17.10.2016 -
Been building FULL version of the game so users can buy all tracks with one purchase. Price will be cheaper than buying all tracks separately.
FULL version will be it's own product at Play Store.

- News 23.7.2016 -
There seems to be minor bug when user displays video ad for the first time.
It should reward user with game coins but it doesn't!
User has to start video again and then it starts giving rewards correctly.

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